ORP and Feed questions


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Just started using the Aquacontroller II. Only 2 questions at this time:

1. When I use the feed pause it runs about 1/2 through the delay then the pumps bump for a second and shut off. The countdown continues and everything restarts normally. I do not see anything in the program that would cause it. Anyone else having this happen?

2. The ORP was normal for the first week, then started to rise about 50 each day and now is hovering at about 520. Do I need to calibrate this already? Everything seems fine, no fish have burst into flames. The tank is clean but not that clean.

I have pulled the O3 fuse pending this correction.



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You need to clean your ORP regularly. I clean mine twice a week with a toothbrush to keep my readings consistant. Once a month I use vinegar to clean it. If you don't the ORP reading will creep higher and higher. BTW this is a good thing becuase your controller will shut down the ozone generator due to the false high reading. Kind of a fail safe situation.

As for your pumps kicking in during feed mode... no idea. Post your program so we can see it.


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On the ORP probe make sure that pH compensation is turned off so that you will have an industry standard reading. On the feed timer, make sure that you don't have any duplicate timer names or addresses. Sounds like there might be some conflict. If that doesn't help please email me your timer names, and program settings.



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Is it necessary to recalibrate the ORP probe? I've heard some people recommend doing it monthly. However, if I recall, the AC3 manual says you don't need to recalibrate the probe.

What is the recommended cleaning method and how often should it be done? I've heard of people soaking it in vinegar for a few hours, or even a bleach and water mixture.

The reason I ask is that my ORP has drifted from 380 up to 440 over the coarse of the last week, with no ozone running. That doesn't seem likely


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I want to thank everyone, I did not have the probes on the schedule for another 2 months. I did not think they would go off as quickly as they did. Some vinegar a few cotton swabs and the ORP is right on again. I am going to check the actual programming on the controller for the feed issue to see if I loaded what I actually have written.

Thanks again