Pearly Jawfish VS YWG and Pistol


They are among us!!
I have a 55 gallon prop with a YWG and Pistol Shrimp already paired up and nesting.

I want a pearly jawfish the nest is on one half of the tank do you thing the jawfish would be ok by himself or would they all fight for sand rights??


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i had a pearly jawfish with my pearlesant goby they did ok for a while but my lunar wrasse did over stress him and unfortunately he did the floor dive :( so in your case I think you'd be fine.


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It's tough to say - that very same YWG I had in my cube for a bit because it was small enough to get into my main tank's overflow. So in order to allow it to grow a touch and not let it get through the snail-guard on my overflow, I moved it into the cube.

He promptly booted my Jawfish out of his burrow.

But it wasn't paired up with the pistol at that point, so I don't know for sure.