pending tank disaster


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I just woke up to my gfi kicked and a wet carpet.
it seems the tank is leaking down low somewhere behind the bottom bracing. I can only assume a bad seam at this point.

Its going to be a great day :)

If you dont see me at the next meeting it's because i had a bon fire.


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damage photos

damage photos

here are some photos of the leak, the dripping on the equipment, the temporary holding location and my new livestock aclamating.

I'm hoping its a cracked bulkhead, will tear it down tomorrow maybe. Thanks everyone for the pm's and advice.





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What? Is this desaster week?

Mine is glued back together, we left the pumps off last night, this morning the sump was overflowing from yet another leak, somewhere in the overflow box.

I know how you feel, I am living it right now!


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i have a very large wet dry / sump you can borrow if you need it.

latest: i took off the 4 bulk heads and found no cracks on the glass or the bulkheads themselves. i filled the tank 1/4 full and the same lead appeared..