peppermint shrimp in refugium?


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Was wondering if these guys will be ok in my fuge. I have a few peices of aptaisia i'd like to get rid of. Will they kill the micro life i want to keep alive in my fuge?

Any ornamental shrimp will eat lots of animals in a refugium.

If they did their work fast, you could take them out, and maybe there wouldn't be that much damage done tho.
I had that same problem and came up with the same idea. I put 3 peppermint shrimp in a 30 gal fuge and they wiped out my aiptasia in about a week of so, but after that I noticed a big decrease in the number of critters. I gave 2 of the shrimp to a firend of mine and put 1 in my quarintine tank (just in case I see aiptasia coming back) and now the critter population is coming back. So my experience is that they can be used temporarily to rid aipstasia but when they're done take them out or they'll eat everything.