Phyto in Norman


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I have a couple of spare 2-liters of phyto at my house if anyone needs. Its homegrown nanno.



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Bil, if it's the stuff I hooked ya up with, Nannochloris. I see people list Nanno when talking about Nannochloropsis. Don't want any confused people :D.

Nannochloris is a smaller non motile strain. And very fogiving as far as phyto goes. I've had bottles in my fridge for 2 months and still managed to start a culture off them. All the extra little feather dusters and awesome polyp extention I noticed in my tank after dosing phyto was accomplished with this strain. Very good stuff people.



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i gave him some Nannochloropsis adam. also a very good strain. i use it and tetraselmis and dont think i would go any other way. i also have a strain that i have from dt's that i dose that seems to do well in my tank. i still have a starter disk of Nannochloris is my freezeer that i probally wont use. im very happy with the 3 strains i have now and if i do go to another phyto i think it will be iso.