Phytoplankton or Zooplankton


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I am on a discussion board with some folks and we are talking about, what else, corals and their proper diet. What do SPS eat: phytoplakton or zooplankton? Someone posted your recipie for a SPS tasty delight and it just plain scares me. I had red algae problems with just Cyclop-eez alone. I can just imagine what sort of disaster I would have in my tank with the recipie you state which includes everything meaty and oily except for a slab of bacon. I think my protein skimmer would have a heart attack.

Personally, I have been adding DT's and Kent Phytoplex. I know it is not your place to advocate or not a product but, do these products contain the necessary nutrients to satisfy my corals and promote good growth? I prefer a minimalist approach that aids my corals but does not ruin the tranquilty I have worked so hard to achieve.
Phytoplankton is an important addition to a reef tank, IMO. However, with the exception of perhaps some soft corals and maybe a stony coral or two, it is unlikely that your corals are eating much if any phytoplankton. The majority of them will eat zooplankton in the wild, more than likely minimal in tanks, but will conume particulate matter (detritus), fish food, coral mucus enriched with bacteria, cilaites and thigns too small for you to see.

Try the food, rear brine nauplii or copepods or rotifers and feed those...the live foods won;t harm your water quality at all. Plus, your phyto can gut load those critters. Now, if you see algae, be patient...cyano is the first to respond and will more than likely go away ina few months even with the upped food additions. IF you see hair algae start, buy more grazers. My bet is your water quality will remain the same over time, following some short term elevations.