Pic of my new T. Squamosa


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It's not an extraordinarily colorful specimen, but I love it. A brown and gold with a hint of blue around the edge of its mantel. It's about 2.25".
Great shot and clam. Mine was the same size when I got it 5/99. It's now about 9-10".

Good luck and enjoy,
Picked it up at Aquatic Warehouse for $29.99. They had another one just like it, but I passed on it because it didn't appear quite as healthy as this one.
yeah i saw them at Aquatic Warehouse they seem to look prety healty but some were stressed out, im still waitng for my lighting. blulegend, what type of lighting at you using and how big of a tank, im getting a 250watt for my 40g and what tips do you have for keeping the water from over heating.
toptank said:
You guys will have to stop by sometime to visit
Where are you located? I'm moving to Anaheim the end of this week. I'll miss the days of stopping by 3 LFS all within a 2 miles radius. :(

Though I've been to Jeff's I haven't found anything I like there yet.