Pic of my Ultra Blue Maxima!!!!


Force of Nature
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Hey all,
I just got this ultra blue maxima about 3 days ago and want to share a pic with everyone..

I got it from a LFS. Normally I wait until the clam has been at the LFS for atleast 2 weeks before picking it up. This one was sitting at the LFS for about a month before I got it.
Does any one out there have a pic of their clam that they want to post??
OMG i WANT IT...one of my most favorite looking clams i have EVER seen.

how much was it?

i should have 1-2 clams soon :D

Thanks.. Lunchbucket.. I am glad you like the clam..

I got if for a very reasonable price, the owner of the LFS is really great guy. It cost me 60$ before taxes..

This is my 6th clam..
Hey peterlin98,
Thanks.. The clam as your avatar is very nice also. Is that one of yours?? Very similar pattern as mine.
a.p.17.. OMG!!!!!!!! Now those are great looking clams. I love the clam collection you have. You put my clam to shame..

:eek1: :eek2:

I specially love the green and gold crocea in the middle..

Very Impressive!!!!!!!
dang i LOVE how everyone has a group of clams all huddled together. the very right side of my tank has a spot where i ahve a GSP rock and some pink zoos...been looking for a reason to get rid of them...great place for 2 clams :) :) :) some time by fall i WILL have 2