pics of my new crocea

hi folks,
hereÃ"šÃ‚´s a pic of my new crocea clam. itÃ"šÃ‚´s about 3 inches. it is my first clam, althought iÃ"šÃ‚´ve been reading about them since july of the last year. my tank has 29g and a 70w mh with 40w of actinics light. the clam is 2 inches from the surface and the bulb is 4 inches from the surface, so i think that the lights are enough. i would like to say if you think that the mantle is opening fine
Looks fine for T. crocea mantle extension. If the mantle starts turning brown, or loses intensity, either one, it is probably not getting enough light.
but itÃ"šÃ‚´s coloration is already a little brown, like you can say in the first pic. iÃ"šÃ‚´ve seen many keeping corceas for more than one year or 2 with 65w of pcs, and so on. and the clams were in the bottom of the tank. here, mine is less than 18cm from the light, which is a 6500k mh lamp. i think thatÃ"šÃ‚´s enough. of course, it would grow much faster with a 400w bulb, but my little nano doesnÃ"šÃ‚´t support the heat it would produce
yeah, i have full tank shots but theyÃ"šÃ‚´re a little old. iÃ"šÃ‚´ll take some new pics and post this week.
my clam is realising a type of mucus every day. i notice it when i turn on the lights and see some mucus thing near it, in the rock where the clam is. is this normal? the crocea, as you can see in the pics, is extending its mantle normally. it's responsible to light blocking and i've already searched for snails or anything that could stress it at night and found nothing. what do you think?
What color is the mucous? Where is it coming from, the mantle, a siphon, or underneath? Is it a string of mucous, a sheet, a blob? Is the clam still expanding normally?

You might try dosing phtoplankton at a recommended dosage as well which should strengthen the clam.

Also what are your pH, Ca, and dKH levels? Are other animals behaving normally? Clams like lots of alkalinity, and calcium within reason.


the mucus is white. i think is coming form the bissal gland and is forming strings.

all the animals are fine. ra=10dKH, pH=8,2.

the clam is opening just fine, as pictured in my last pics
Hmm, I haven't heard of that. FWIW, the abyssal threads are liquid before they turn into the "ligaments", but I don't know if that is what you are seeing. I think if the "mucous" you are seeing is rising it is not abyssal, but could be wrong.

edit: doh! I should take the blinders off. If the secretions near the clam are at "it's" base, and not rising into the water column, it is probably the abyssal secretions, but, I'm not sure.
hereÃ"šÃ‚´s a closer pic of the mucus iÃ"šÃ‚´m telling you. i think it comes from the mantle

hope that it isnÃ"šÃ‚´t nothing serious. iÃ"šÃ‚´m really in love with my clam:)


I've seen the mucous threading before on my clam, only does that when it's ****ed though, like when I introduce a new creature into the tank. May be some kinf of defensive mechanism, not an expert though.
iÃ"šÃ‚´ve read in tra1 that is harmless to the clam, and that can be a defense mechanism agaisnt some kind of critter that is touching it or against some toxin in the water. thereÃ"šÃ‚´s no animal touching it, except for some tinny aiptasias that appeared in itÃ"šÃ‚´s tank. but, when the aiptasia touched it, it retracted itÃ"šÃ‚´s mantle for a little while, till i ripped of the anemone. like i said, the mantle is wide opne all day long, so i donÃ"šÃ‚´t think the aiptasias are a issue, yet. maybe is some toxin thatÃ"šÃ‚´s in the water.
From the picture with the streams on the mucous, I think that is fairly normal, although that is a good bit of mucous. Is there any current reaching the clam at all? Crocea clams, from what I've read don't appreciate a lot of current, but need a tad at least. The mucous makes it look like their is no current at all because the streams are rising almost directly up, and are quite long.

Also, in the same picture with the mucous, the way your clam has "it's" mantle angled up? I think that is a sign of it wanting more light.
k. lee,
yes, there is a good current in the spot it is, not directly to the clam, but makes itÃ"šÃ‚´s mantle move gently. about the angle up, i think you mean the angle made by the two parts of the mantle, isnÃ"šÃ‚´t it? weel, i donÃ"šÃ‚´t know why this pic looks like that but in the greater part of the day, it makes an angle of 180 degrees. is this the normal?
Yeah, normally the mantle drapes, or is about 180, and does not "reach" towards the light like yours appears in the picture. I'm not sure, but looking how other photosynthetic organisms (or at least those with Xooxanthellae), react to too little light, that that is what they sometimes do with insufficient light. They reach. I've seen other clams do this, and it is just a hypothesis on my part, or maybe, don't think so, read it somewhere (about the clams). Makes sense to me at least. :D