Pics of my octo - setup - and tank


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Here are some pics I was finaly able to take...This is my baby bimac (Isnt it a bimac?) He is already so tame and will let me touch also takes food from my hand...Pictured bellow also is his tank, and my DIY Plywood sump etc.... Enjoy
Wow! I love your tank setup! It really inspired me to make my 30g tank an octo tank (its being cycled right now, not sure what I want to do with it yet...)... and really cute octo :)

Can you give us some specs. on your tank? Where did you get your octo? And what do you feed him?

Thanks for sharing!
PupChow, Thanks for the compliments! Here are the specs you requested let me know if you have any questions, its really a simple setup

Octo from WWW.Fishsupply.COM 29.99! + S&H

29G All Glass
27W LOA Fixture 65000k )$30.00 from HD
15w NO Marine Glow Actinic
30 LBS Base rock
4" Caribein sand DSB (Collected myself)
EBO Heater
Plywood sump sealed with acrlyic paint APRX 50Gallons
MAK 4 1200GPH Return pump...soon to also power DIY PVC CC Skimmer
Sump also contains LS and live base rock
DIY AUTO TOP OFF Float switch connected to solanoid valve which uses gravity to feed the water down
Water passes through Cotton,Filterpad,and BIG bag of carbon

I have been borowing a Skimmer of my Display tank periodicaly to clean the water in this tank, I run a skimmer about 20 Hours a week on this setup until I stop being lazy and make one

I have fed the following foods to my octo ( this thing eats better than I do!)

Frozen shrimp
Damsel - A 3.99 meal
Fiddler Crab - 1.99 Meal
Ghost Shrimp
Red Legged Hermit

I enjoy feeding live foods, I love to watch the Octo whoop ***!

The real reason for setting this tank up was to Aqua-Culture rocks + sand for my In-wall 125 That I am setting up in my house that I just bought. The sump was also built for the 125,hence the WAY overpowered pump I have on this setup (MAK-4) But I wanted to keep something cool so i didnt have an empty tank...but now I am hooked! Now I think Ill be putting another octo in this setup as oposed to transfering the rocks and sand to the 125 at the end of my Bimacs life!

Hey David
Looks good. You have a very nice O.bimaculoides!
You can do with out the heater. Bimacs can handle water temps of 60-78F. They live longer and grow slower at cooler temps. The NRCC breeds theirs at 64F.

Thank you for properly Id'ing my octo!
The heater is in place to keep the tempature stable...Without the heater the water temp would fluctuate with the ambient room tempature...Are bimacs sensitive to tempature swings? If not, I could acheive signfigantly lower tempatures at night and perhaps lengthen the lifespan of my octo...Just dont wont to kill him from the stress of temp flucs.

Thanks in advance