the rebirth of my 50G cube reef

been a minute! but we have updates! cycle complete, and just in time for the WWC coral MAYnia sale! scored some pieces and they arrived yesterday. acclimating to the tank and getting adjusted. figured i would add the photos of the frags i got to the build thread so progress can be tracked. looking into getting some lenses to put over my phone camera so i can take some decent photos of them. enjoy the eye candy!

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wow some amazing animals in there!
wow some amazing animals in there!
thank you! they are adjusting really well, and i have some lenses to filter out the blue light coming on thursday so i can send some decent photos of them in my tank as well as an accurate FTS
the lenses came earlyyyyy! finally able to get a decent shot of the tank and stuff inside! still figuring out how to get the lenses to work properly with my phone so for now these are the best i have gotten, but it's a darn good start if u ask me! if anyone has any tips, i am all ears!
corals have been in the tank for 5 days now. they are lookin nice and happy so far!

candy stripe.jpg
alpha omega.jpg
been a minute but just wanted to share a few things. if anyone has ever wondered about how well the microbacter clean from brightwell aquatics works. its actually amazing. after a week of the lights being on for the corals, i started to see some heavy diatom growth, and since i had it, i decided i would try it just to see how it works. i have a total of like 10 snails right now, a mix of turbos and margaritas, along with about 10 hermits. this is what the tank looks like right now. all i have to do is clean the glass, the snails take care of the rest, and with the lenses to filter out the blue light, the brown you are seeing is actually the start of the green signaling that coraline is coming. kinda nutty how well this stuff has worked at keeping the diatoms and cyano at bay.

also, ignore the fallen rock. we had a small earthquake over the weekend that found a chink in the armor. gonna be regluing that one soon as the two leptoseris frags are supposed to call it home here pretty soon.

fts 6-4-24.jpg