Pink Birdsnest


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Can anyone give some tips for keeping a pink and yellow birdsnest. I have one of each, and while most all of my SPS is growing and coloring up great, the birdsnests are not. The pink one is pink, but not very vibrant, and the yellow one is more of an orangey brown. They are both mid level in the tank, with mid level of flow.

Do they like more or less light, and more or less flow?

75 galllon with 45 gallon sump.

I have plenty of flow in the tank(3 tunze) and my lighting is 250watt MH Pheonix 14Ks in lumenarc reflectors, with my tank only being 18" deep. Again most all of my corals look GREAT just not these?!?!?!?

I keep my Alk @ 10
Cal @ 410-420
Temp @ 78-79.9
Sp. Gravity @ 1.023
Nitrate @ undetectable w/salifert
Phospahte @ UNTESTED

Have a refugium with Cheato growing like crazy.
Skimmer pulling out skimate by the 1/2 cup a day.

Dose with B-Ionic 2 part.
All top off water with little Kalk.

I test for Alk and Cal 2-3 times a week with Salifert.

Fish load is: 2 Anthias, 1 small Tang, Corris wrasse & 6-line, Firefish, Bi-color Blenny, Neon Goby,and a Sea Hair.

I feed once daily spectrum pellets and dose the corals with Kent coral Accel.

I dont have any algea blooms and the glass doesnt get cleaned but 2-3 times a week, just doesnt get least not on the inside......

Help me pink up my bridsnest!!!!!


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Ditto on the strong lighting and flow. Pink birdsnest in my tank is mid-upper level, and it's coloring up very nicely. It was brown when I got it!