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Unfortunately, the cannons don't thunder. There's nothing to plunder.

Definately an over 40 victim of fate


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Global warming killed off all the teachers.


nah we have a snow day today, and i cannot drive down the hill out of our subdivision. my dad took the truck to work.

so far this week i have attended about 135 min of class.

yesterday i got myself out at about 10:44. and took a trip around to visit some LFS's

- i wish i was a King Cobra, Pirate, or a stalk of Asparagus ;)


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most pirates died from scurvy right....I don't think that would be cool. You must have been watching Pirates of the Caribbean


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I was watching some shows on pirates the other night, History channel or discovery channel. They were pretty much murderers, rapists, and completely unable to function in society. The average life span after becoming a pirate was less than 3 years. And nowdays they glamorize them! :thumbsup: