Plastic Containers


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Hi Randy,

I have a source of very well constructed, sealable, plastic containers. These containers previously housed some chemicals used in the printing industry, but to the best of my knowledge, are fairly benign. They are made of HDPE-2 Plastic. In their previous life, they contained Plate Preservative (Gum Arabic). The label on the side of the containers says:

Contains Isothiazolin Derivatives.
Also contains Dextrin, Monosodium Phosphate.

I can get STACKs of these things, and thought they would make great containers for Top-off, mixing saltwater, etc., but am a little concerend about what they used to have in them. While I will certainly rinse them thoroughly with the Garden hose... But is there any chance in your estimation, that these compounds could leech into the plastic, and come out in the water? If I let them sit full of fresh water for a week or two, then re-rinse, etc... Could I remove all (or nearly all) the contaminents? What do you 'spose would happen if some of this stuff got into the tank?
Thanks for your help.

- Mac
Sorry for the late reply, Since my last article here was in April, I haven't checked back very frequently.

Nothing there is a concern except the Isothiazolin. It might get into the plastic, but I think if you wash with soap and water and then rinse real well, you'll be fine. The amounts getting into good water will end up being tiny, if any at all.
Thanks Randy, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. The usual Blanket statement of "Don't use it" wasn't working for me ;-) I needed to have a reason as to why, and was of the frame of mind you mentioned: If _anything_ got in, it would be miniscule.
Thanks again.

- Mac