Please help ID and resolve problem


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I have a problem with my giant clam. I've had him for about nine months now. Abouit three months ago, when he was on the gravel, he let go of the small rock that was attached to him. At the same time, the area that he uses for connecting to the rock did not look good, kinda fuzzy. Well I cleaned him off and set him on a larger rock to keep him away from the gravel. This worked good for a couple of months, now recently he does not want to be on that rock.

With this, I have two questions:confused: :
1. What type of giant clam is he?
2. Where in the tank should I try putting him?

Calcium is around 430
Alk is around 3
Nitrite 0
Nitrate low
75 gal tank
VHO 2 Aqua Sun and 2 Actinic 48"
Here is a recent (bad)picture after he let go of the rock I had put him on. He soon opened up after I cleaned up the area and set it back on the rock. But this only lasted for about a week.
That is a maxima clam! I am thinking he needs more lighting. What is the distance from him to the lights? About how big is he? Do you feed him?

He is about 20" from the lights: 14" of water + 6" to the lights.
His shell is about 4" wide and shows new growth, and looks healthy when open.
I was not aware of feeding giant clams. I received this one as part of a trade in for a Deresa clam that out grew my tank. The deresa never required food. But If food is what he wants, food he will get. Just let me know what type of food.
Also, if I place him higher in the tank, how should I place him so he does not fall off?

Great move to bring him closer to the lights. I use DTs and the photoplex by Kent. There is a new food out there I am dying to try it is called liquid Life. I like the "your in good hands" (No I do not sell Allstate) way of placing maximas on a rock. Hope this helps.
What do you mean by cleaning the area? The byssal area as far as I know (which might not be very far...) is supposed to look "fuzzy" as it is shooting out byssal threads. To clean this area would risk damaging the organ, which 99% of the time will lead to death.
T. Maxima require intense lighting, he needs that for growth and good coloration.

IMO, If you don't intend to increase your lighting then I would trade him in for a T. Squamosa, they require less light and get one that is smaller as light at that age ( 1 1/2" - 2") not as inportant as feeding but they still need mid. to high lighting.

Like Jim, I feed my tank DT's or LiquidLife as clams are filter feeders. Yes they are getting some food from you feeding yor fish and also waste.

If you go to my clam page you will find a good link to "Giant Clams" by Daniel Knop which I feel you will find helpful

Good luck.