plumbing suggestions?


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I have a HOB U-tube overflow that has a 1" drain and I would like to use a MAG9 I have for the return from the sump/fuge, 3 feet below it.

I do not know what the GPH rating of the overflow is.

I was planning on having 1.5" pipe from the pump to a tee that reduces it down to 2, 3/4" pipes running to both ends of the tank and up and over the sides. DO you think the pump might be too much flow for the overflow? Do you think this is a good set-up? I have never plumbed a sump/fuge before.
should be fine i run a mag 12 with a simlar tee off with a scwd and and i have a HOB over flow with 2 inch drains.. well even with the mag 12 only one of the u tube retains siphon the other one drys up after about 3 days... so a mag 9 should be fine for one u tube.
It might not work. I have a Mag 9.5 return on my sump that is plumbed with 1 1/4" PVC to a tee and up and over at both end of my tank. I have a overflow box with 2 1" drain lines. I had to put a ball valve on the return line and dial the pump back so I wouldn't overflow my tank. The drain lines handled the flow fine, the problem was the U tubes could not siphen the water over fast enough. Your box may be different but mine didn't work. I have a Lifereef double overflow box on order to solve the problem.