Potassium chloride


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Does anyone dose Potassium chloride in there sps tanks?

Do you think it is important to do so?

Have you noticed any difference in your tank after adding it?



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It is one of the zeovit products, I have read that it brigs out certain colors in low nutrient systems, and that low K can sometimes lead to the demise of certain sps in some tanks. I dont think there is a test kit available to reefers for KCl.


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I have been using the Potassium supplement from KZ for some time now. I started using it due to fading colors in my SPS. All salt mixes except SeaChem Reef salt are considerably lower in K than NSW. I theorize in a low nutrient environment and with the addition of carbon sources for bacterial processes, the various trace elements, especially K become more available to be skimmed out, causing a rapid depletion of this element. I use 3ml daily in 340 total gallons. Marc is correct in that there is no commercially available test kit for K. I'm not familiar with Potassium Chloride, so I guess I didn't answer your question directly.