power heads


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I have a 120 pre drilled all-glass tank

just wondering what type of power heads I should get

if any at this point I have some fish, exina, open brain, zoas, and
a clam any help would be appreciated


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You'll want a gallons-per-hour (GPH) flow through your tank of at least 20x the volume of the tank, IMO -- more would be better. So, for a 120g tank, you'll want total flow from your sump return, powerheads, closed loop or whatever to equal AT LEAST 2,400 gph.
If your wanting to achieve this with powerheads, here are some options:
-- Maxijets are good, reliable, inexpensive PH's, but their output is very concentrated; a wider stream is better. You can purchase a natural wave timer for MJ's for about $50 that turns them off and on every few seconds, creating "waves"/random flow.
-- The Rio Seio's and the new Hydor Koralia PH's linked above have wider flow, more output and are only slightly more expensive. Plus, the Koralia's just look cool :cool: And, they've just come out with a controller for the Seio's that allows you to vary their flow, creating "wave" action.
-- The Tunze Streams are top of the line and quite expensive. Tremendous wide stream output. And you can get some models with a controller for creating "waves".