problems with imperator/emperor angel


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I bought him from a guy wanting to get rid of him and he was eating before I took him out of the guys tank.

I put him in a 40g QT tank with my sohal. I am about to begin lowering the salinity and put them in hyposalinity.

The emperor has no problems being the bully and sending the sohal running.

All the tank perm are fine, 0 ammonia 0 nitrite

the problem is that I cant get the emperor to eat.

I put nori in the tank daily, I have tried mysis, angel formula, flake, flake soaked in garlic.

he might have eaten a few little pieces as I saw his mouth jet out and and look like he ate something, but that is about it.

Also, his color seems to be fading a bit - getting spotty. It is my understanding this usually occurs when he is stressed due to nitrite, but there is none present.

any ideas on feeding and coloration?


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I have no idea what could be wrong, but you may wanna wait 'til he's eating before you start they hypo treatment. I could be wrong though.

BTW, it was good to finally meet you in person last weekend.


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I agree get him to eat before you do hypo... if you want a piece of my diy food to see if that will work let me know...


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I added an airstone in case there is not enough 02, as the angel was hanging at the waterline facing up. I also noticed my PH was down to 7.7-7.8, I brought it up to 8.1.
I also added about 15 or so lbs of LR, so there is about 25 or so lbs in the tank. There are plenty of hiding spaces for the angel.

the angels colors are still faded, he is still not eating and appears to be covered in ich.

what to do?

ammon- 0


I have tried hypo many times and never had any luck.I think hypo also causes extra stress.Copper is what always workes for me. Bring the level up slowly over a few days,then keep it level for 10 days.You must test every day and adjust.Copper falls out of solution fast.


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the fish is not in hypo yet. but he is hanging around the surface and breathing heavily.

ammonia is 0ppm
nitrite 0ppm


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Try Brine or Spectrun. Our BlueFace Angel took about almost 2 Weeks to start eating. Now its a monster! Eats everything. Just try not to stress him out anymore. Instead of Hypo maybe try copper power, and keep the water clean and full of bubbles IMO. From what I hear, once they start to starve, they will finally start picking at food. Keep offering food and see what happens.

Best of Luck.