Programming my heater/ fan is seriously startung to hurt my brain...


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Hey guys,
I have been working on dialing in my temp on my tank and it's starting to hurt my brain. I am FOR SURE over thinking things.
I have a BRS heater that's supposed to control to a .3 degree variance that I would like to lean on for temp control. And an apex that I would like to use as a backup/ failsafe.
And a fan to cool things off if it gets out of hand.*

Ideal temp is 78.

What should my heater and fan programming be?
A 1.25 degree variance is acceptable. And as i said I would like to rely on the brs heater for most of it. I want the apex outlet to cycle as little as possible.

Vinny Kreyling

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First you will have to get the heater set where you want it to be 78.
Then set the apex slightly lower to turn ON, say 1 degree.
The same with a higher temp to turn OFF.
Fans on @ 79.5
This is how I would do it.


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I remember reading a post on another forum forum with some users saying they cannot get the advertised .3deg hysteresis from the BRS heater. I suggest you do a search but I remember the discussion. Just keep that in mind as you may need to set it for a higher swing. (BTW I don't own one, this is just FYI)


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Here is what I use for my fan in the summertime:

Fallback OFF
If Tmp > 78.5 Then ON
If Tmp < 78.0 Then OFF
If Tmp < 70.0 Then OFF

In the winter, I plug in my heater to the outlet where my fan was plugged in and adjust the programming to:

Fallback OFF
If Tmp > 78.5 Then OFF
If Tmp < 78.0 Then ON
If Tmp < 70.0 Then OFF

I will be the first to admit, I'm not the greatest programmer, but these work for me.