Pump Type


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I have a specific question on pump types. I have run tanks with sumps underneath and typically run a mag 7 or 9 as the return. I have used these inside and outside the sump with no problems.

Now, I am moving to a large sump/refugium setup in my basement. I am trying to decide on a pump that does the job and meets my budget. I will end up with 12-15 feet of head. I am looking for about 800 GPH on the return. There are many pumps that will work.
I have narrowed it down to an Iwaki 70, Ampmaster 3000, or a Mag 24.

I know the Iwaki is probably the best, but also costs 3 times as much as the Mag 24. I really am leaning to the Mag 24. What are the disadvantages to these mag drive pumps?

What are your thoughts???
Hi Ed,

I had to look up some of the flow charts on the ampmaster and MAG-24 (have an Iwaki 70 so knew that ones performance).

Assuming that your head estimates are correct then you can cross the ampmaster off your list right away as it has a max head of only 17.5' (really designed for cirulation, for which it is very good, not pressure applications).

The MAG 24 is rated at about 750 gals/hr at 15' head so is somewhat marginal given your requirements (especially if your head estimates are short).

The Iwaki 70 still has about 1150 gal/hr at 15' so would easily meet your requirements but as you said is more expensive.

If your 800 gal/hr requirement is flexible then you might get by with the MAG 24 especially if you can suppliment it with internal circulation pumps (was not clear whether this pump would be the only circulation pump in the system or not).

If on the other hand your 800 gal/hr flow rate is a hard condition then consider trying to run dual MAG 24's, these would be greater flow rate than the Iwaki 70, still sligthly cheaper than the 70 and gives the added advantage of redundancy for increased reliability and more flexibility should you want to run multiple returns or even use a timer to create more random circulation patterns by switching between the two pumps.

Hope this helps, RN