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Decided to get back into SW hobby again after time away for various reasons -time availabitly to devote to hobby and money reasons mostly. I was one of those hobbiest who did not use a QT and was surprisingly successful. Have always taken things very slow and am not in a hurry to do anything fast this time around. Decided to do a QT this time. My initial thought is it is used mostly for initial observence of fish to ensure no disease. In one thread, I got the impression that it may be good practice to do immediat copper treatment in QT on new fish even if they do not display a problem as opposed in just waiting and watching. Is it practice to do copper in QT right from the get go?


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I do, most don't.
It's my understanding that fish will only show visible ich if they are stressed, but they may still contain ich in their gills where we can't see it.
I don't take chances.
I also qt everything else in a seperate tank for 6 weeks with no fish present.

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I qt fish and use prazipro on all fish. Then observe. But rules change with TANGS alone. Them I prazipro 2 weeks then 3 weeks copper. Go through the sticky GUIDE TO SETUP QT. Good info there.