question about dursostandpipe


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I have an Oceanic RR. the stanpipe that comes with the overflow looks similar to the durso standpipe. except that the Oceanic has holes drilled on the sides of the pipe at the T. Water also enters through these holes along with the main intake. I have tired to cover them with my fingers but I am not 100% succesful. Could these extra holes be adding to the noise?

The issue I have with my tank is that I can hear the water running in the pipes. I think I have narrowed it down to the standpipe, and the pvc leading to the sump (below the bulkhead)

It sounds like those waterfalls with the rocks, but so loud that it competes with the TV. It is not the sump. I may have to deal with that once this noise is reduced.

But what exactly does the durso do better than what is shipped with the Oceanic. I read the site and its states about the flushing noise. But my overflow water level stays the same. So it is not that.

Is it the fact that the Durso is using a larger diameter pipe?

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Check out this link on what the Durso looks like.
I have one on my 58 Oceanic and it works great. There is one hole on top of the cap and no holes on the sides. This setup is very quiet. A couple of things you could try for the noise if you decide on getting one of these Durso Standpipes. Add a couple of ball valves to your lines so you can control the flow. After tweaking them i was able to quiet the flushing noise considerably. The second thing you could do is add a piece of tubing to the hole on top of the Durso and direct the line behind the tank diverting the noise.

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Thanks saltyreeftank,

I have one half built. I was thinking about buying one, but thought I could do it after hearing others say it was easy.

I just figured since the Oceanic comes with a stanpipe similar, what the difference was.

I do have ball valves on my plumbing, and have the drain dialed back, but it is still loud.


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turn it from a t pipe into a x pipe so you have the pipe facing down two across drilled with holes or capped and drilled with holes and one pipe facing upwards bring this to the top of the tank (glass level) it will draw enough air to stop that gargling water rushing noice and what noise it doea create osnt been magnified by been in a closed down area (ie more movement for the doise to ditrubute in)
i had the same problem when fitted it into my old tank


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No problem. I would finish the Durso and try it. After some adjustments it should be much quieter. I am not sure what *leeinengland* is trying to say but maybe it would work also.


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I dont totally understand either.

I beleive he is talking about using a cross PVD piece instead of the T on the durso. So there are 2 downward intakes and the middle is capped with the air hole.

I dont know if I woul dhave enough room in the overflow for that.

What I am trying to understand is what is the difference between the Oceanic drain pipe and the durso. The Oceanic is I think the same diameter as the durso, the only difference is the vent hole is larger than durso recomends, and the Oceanic has 3 holes in the standpipe below the water level.

to address the sound issue, as I have learned more I beleive it is due to the amount of air that is being pulled down the drain. So hoepfully the durso with the 1/16 hole (to start) will be enough air to allow for the drain.

I also want to see if the the durso minimizes the noise,and if it is not enough, will using flex PVC or something to absord more of the noise of the water/air in the pipe below the bulkhead. I wanted to know if anyone has done any "research" on this. I havent found flex PVC yet, and dont know what else I can try. Any ideas?


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Just a thought, but have you tried to match the amount of return with the amount of water being pulled down by the overflow? I have an all glass tank and the stand pipe that came with it also has two holes on the side, but when I checked mine both of the holes are under water. Maybe your return pump is too strong and forcing your overflow to "suck" water down, creating the noise and the two hole being exposed.


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thanks. but all three holes are under the water line in the overflow. I had the pump dialed almost all the way back. I have a ball valve on a shoot off of the pump line going back into the sump.

I am going to set up the durso and see what it does for me. Since it seems to be so popular.