question about octos


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I don't plan on getting an octopus, I am brand new at this hobby.... I just thought that an octopus would be a cool pet.... and just out of curiousity was wondering how hard are they to care for?(I know they don't live long)

nano mania

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They are pretty tough. They need perfect water quality. Extreme filtration.. they are messy eaters. And they are amazing excape artists. They can squeeze through any hole that their beak can fit through.


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Yeah they are an 'expert' animal to take care of. If you research enough you should be able to get by if you haven't had a tank before. Go to the top of the page on to the article sections to learn about basics.


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didn't i read that cooler temps can keep your octo alive longer? just a little bit longer? :) maybe invest in a chiller?

Animal Mother

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If it is a colder water species, keeping it in its ideal temperature range will not necessarily lengthen its life, but keeping them in warmer water will definitely shorten it. Therefore, if keeping a bimac in 65 degree water, it will live longer than a bimac in, say, 75 degree water. California waters (where bimacs are from) are generally between 58-68 degrees year round.

I'm sure keeping a warm water octopus in cold water is probably not healthy for it. Plus at colder temperatures, they are much less active.