Question about the CS1.

Misos Anthropos

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I just purchased a 90g display and what looks to be a 40g sump from a gentleman in Cheyenne, I also have a 2og long that I plan on using as a 'fuge.

Would the CS1 be enough skimmer for this system? I plan on a fairly heavy bioload eventually. I really like the idea of putting it together myself, I wanted a DIY but I just dont have the knowledge or experience to design and build one from scratch yet.


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The standard response from the guys is that the cs-1 can comfortably handle 200 gal but would not be out of place on a 75 gal hevely stocked tank.


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Thanks bbart, that is correct :)

I think you'd be in good shape with a 90 + 60, that's probably 120 gallons total water volume. That's pretty much what the CS1 is designed to handle.