question Jason about chiller?


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I will be needing chiller for my 175g acrylic fish only tank. I just order a blueline 70 and aqua UV 25watt on monday from you and It should be here soon. I talk to Jerermy and he was very helpful, I was more towards the 55 but I think it would have been to low of a flow with my 4 returns and running through chiller and UV.

I will be buying a chiller the beginning of January and so far I was looking at the acrtica 1/3 hp since I heard its not that loud 42db. Do you sell these to? Anyway what chiller would you recommend that is not that loud and works really good.
Tank will be in living room.

My house probably runs around 80 to 86 and maybe up to 88 on hot days in summer. My tank has only 160 watts of T-5 lighting, I will be using aqua UV 25watt and a iwaki 30 for skimmer and blueline 70 for return. What size chiller would be good the 1/3?

I really like the reviews on the acrtica chiller but if you dont sell them what is comparable to it.


The acrtica is JBJ chiller correct? If so, we should be able to get that for you for going retail price, whatever that is right now.

The best chiller we have seen though is Pacific Coast, we picked them up because they offered such a great low price and found there quality was top notch too, plus great manufacture customer service. So it's by far the most popular chiller we sell and what we would recommend, plus you can't beat the price.

I would see what your tank runs once you add all your pumps to it. Right now with your temp, i think a pacific coast 1/4HP would be fine, but your additional pumps will probably increase your heat more. Then sticking with Pacific Coast brand you would have to go to 1/2HP which you would never out grown on that tank and leaves you room for larger tank in the future if you wanted. They do not make a 1/3HP for some reason.

The 1/4HP is $579.95 normal price, 2003 models are on sale until supply last for $499.95, 2003 has 4 degree temp setting, 2004 will have 2 degree. There is also a 1/4HP CL650 which has a heater and chilller controller built in (doesn't heat, just controls your heater) for 499.95 on sale right now as well. It's more stylish looking black abs plastic, where the standard model is heavy duty metal, still looks decent though.

The 1/2HP is $768.99.

I don't have any noise ratings on these, but at least from the chillers we have tried out and used, Pacific coast is the most quiet.


Jason thanks for the info on the chiller, would you know what size inlet and outlet it uses?

thanks again