Quick question about mixing 2 part together accidently!


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So I wasn't paying attention & added Alk to my Ca jug(2 1/2g). There was only about 2" of Ca in it & i added 1g of Alk to it. Started to drip it in & after about 5min noticed a slight haze to my water. Immediatly realized what i did & stopped it-should I continue with the Alk dripping or leave it alone & let it clear. I do a W/C tomm anyways(15%).
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Ahhh....I am just starting with my BRS 2 part dosing stuff, and fear doing this myself. I am not an expert on this, but heres what I think:

1) Prior, I was dosing Brightwell Aquatics ReefCode A and B. It specifically says not to add the Calcium (A) and Alk (B) at once. It says to allow 60 seconds inbetween and to use the A first. My BRS kit reccomended something similar, but I dont remember. If two companies are both stating this, there must be a reason. Maybe the Calcium needs to mix with the tank water, for the Alk to work properly?

2) The ratios in your water jug are now off. If you know your 2.5G of CA mix raises you by X points per Cup of solution, you will have a new learning curve with this mix, as it now is not pure CA mix, and is diluted by the Alk mix.

If it were me, even though I dont think it would be catatrophic to use, I would eat the loss and toss it and make new batches, UNLESS I was at the end of my supplies and waiting for more to come in the mail. And even then, I would test in the AM and PM while dosing this stuff.


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The problem is that in high concentrations cal and alk will bond In to calcium carbonate and precipitate. This is the reason your supposed to add the two in high flow areas 20 minutes apart. You probably just ruined everything in the jug but for the sake of not waiting money, go ask the reef chem forum. They may tell you that you turned your cal jug into a slightly diluted alk jug.