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i am going on vacation tomorrow... is it ok to turn my calcium reactor off for a week and then when i get back home, turn it back on... this will be my first vacation since running it so i am nervous.


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Yes it should be fine but when you come back you will probably have to add some 2-part solution (B-Ionic or DIY) to bring the levels back up to where they should be since the CA reactor is meant to maintain levels and not increase them.

Do you have someone checking in and feeding every other day or so? I went away with my wife and kids for 9 days for the first time in years and had a local reefkeeping friend stop in to check on it every-other day and text me that all was OK.

The night before I returned he called me and told me that there was a problem with a powerhead pumping water into a reactor that the hose popped off of and the water was going into an extension cord which was smoking when he got there. :eek2:

He saved my house from burning down. He also found the shop vac and cleaned it up a bit for me before we returned. It's good to have friends who know about this stuff :)

Just be sure to have things totally idiot proof if you will have someone feeding for you like making a ziploc bag of frozen foods and label them for each day so they don't feed too much or feed the wrong stuff.

Have a good trip.