Quick sand question! Hurry!!!


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I was just wondering what kind of sand is suitable for the saltwater aquarium. I have a friend who is setting up a tank and he's in Lowe's right now wondering.

I know southdown sand can be used but I dont think they have that there. Can leveling sand be used? Just any kind of sand he can get at Lowe's would be good.




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I use kolorscape, its packaged by old castle. I got many responses from reefers here who have used succesfully when I asked about it. Some say it isnt the best because it doesnt pass the vinegar test but I have no problems so far.


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pour some of it in a 5gal bucket (or similar rubbermaid container) Turn on the hose and stir. Stir, Stir and stir some more. Rest for a while then stir some more. With the water running the whole time. You will lose some sand but that is expected.


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2 buckets with one bucket ro/di water. pour sand in, stir, pump water thru aquarium filter into bucket 2, pour more sand into bucket 2, stir, pump back the other direction...repeat ad nauseam, as you empty the sand into your tank. As an alternative, I'd borrow a diatom or micron filter and run it as soon as you get your saltwater in. THat will scrub the water pretty well.


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alternatively, if your friend is using a DSB, don't wash the sand at all. the tiny "dust" particles that all of this washing is eliminating are very helpful to a fully functioning DSB. It will require a bit of patience to allow the bio film to develop over the sand surface though, which will then prevent the sand from kicking up into the water column.