RBTA + Other Coral & Equip FS


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My nem split so I have this healthy guy who's been pigging out on whatever I toss em & couple other things to part with too.

Rose Bubble Tip- $25

Watermellon Zoa Colonies 60+ heads -$30
30+ heads -$15

Green Poci 1.5-2.5 frag- $10

Topfin 20 & 10 Hob Filters with pumps- $10

I can send pic's to whoever. Naper area


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Have 3 colonies left of the watermelons w/35+ heads and a frag of pink zoa's. I'll post pics in the morning.

i'm willing to part with some awesome sps frags as well

Pipe Organ $8

Frogspawn two heads- $20

Pink zoa- $15 for 4 heads

and some random Acropora frags ranging from 5- $15

I'll toss in some kenya tree or xenia if you'd like as well =0)

Also still have two extra top fin 10 & 20 hob filters with pumps that work as well for $5 each.
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