Recommended design for Sump/Refgium


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I'm picking up a 55 gallon tank to make a sump/refugium for my 125 gallon mix reef. I know you want to try to maximize the water time in the refugium portion. I'm wondering if there are any suggestions for designs. I don't know if design pattern is better as from drain - protein skimmer area - refugium area - return pump area or from drain - protien skimmer area - return pump area - refugium area with a low flow pump pushing the water back to the protein skimmer area to slow down the water flow over the refugium area. I'm wondering if the first design the water flow would be to fast through the refugium area. Please give me ideas.



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I wanted the same, and this is how I ended up.

Overflow drops into the left side (skimmer), which falls into the center where my return pump is located, in that same compartment, I have an MJ600 pushing water into my fuge, pretty slowly.

Seems to be working great, aside from the fact the pods have double the chance to get chopped up.