Red Lip Blennies and clams


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i've had a Red Lip Blenny for around 2 weeks now and am thinking about buying my first clam. i know some people have problems w/ blennies and SPS and clams. should i be concerned w/ my Red Lip Blenny and future clam? does anyone have a clam and this blenny together. tank is a 92 corner w/ 155Lb LR and 140Lb DSB (pure aragonite). the blenny doesn't bother any SPS (2 Monti pieces)/LPS or other tank inhabitants. seems like all he wants to do is suck algae off of LR and glass. doesn't even eat brine, Formula 2 , Mysis shrimp or seaweed. he's nice and plump though.:D
It's worth a shot. I have a lawnmower blenny (I know it's not the same) in the same tank with my clams. It doesn't do any harm to them expect I've noticed that ocassionally the blenny will clean the shell (algae buildup) of all the clams. At least my blenny is doing it's job. :D
I was babysitting my brother in laws Crocea & Maxima, because they were doing very poorly. He has a Red lip in his tank, and I suspected it as one of the culprits. I gave him the Maxima back last week and within no time, he saw the Blenny nipping at its mantle.

I have to admit though, I have seen them not bother clams at all. But you take a chance when you introduce one, with the reputation they have.
I have personal experience with several different redlips having a taste for clams. On occasion they will irritate to death. i would never put them together, i would suggest you do not either. IMO, redlips are bland residents compared to clams and they will often bite your arms and hands. Annoying little fish, get rid of him and get some clams.
do u have any suggestions on how i can get him out w/out tearing apart my aquascaping of 155Lb LR??? i don't know how i could do it. he doesn't touch any of my Turbo or Cerith snails, Fighting Conch, Serpent Star or Blood Shrimp. he has been well behaved but i don't have any clams, just a few SPS pieces and abou 8 LPS pieces along w/ some Zoos. he doesn't bother them either. by the way did u ever see yours eat any offered food. all mine wants to do is suck algae off glass and rocks.