RedSea 50 LED VS AI Prime 16 HD


Hi all,

I do really like the Aqua Illumination, more than RedSea Reef LED, but am worried because where I live there is no sponsor for AI and might be hard if I needed any maintenance. Meanwhile we do have a local sponsor for the Redsea company and any needed support will be easier to receive.

Please let me know what are your thoughts and recommendations?
From your experience, did you need support from AI to fix anything after purchasing the lights?

Display Tank Size:
60 X 50 X 50 CM

Thanks in advance
@SwissFragReefer has great results with Red Sea Leds.

Red Sea Reefer 425XL - SwissFragReefer

I have no direct experience with either of the lights, but I can’t say I’ve seen too many complaints regarding warranty service for either.