Lighting recommendations for a center overflow cube

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The tank:
Hi everyone! I'm starting a new small mixed reef build with some small fish. The tank is 43 gallon cube with dimensions are 24" x 24" x 18". I have been doing research on lighting the last few days and I feel like I am running around in circles. The main issue I am having is picking lights with good spread. Since this will be a center overflow with a rock structure around it I cant put something like an AI prime in the middle because the center of the light seems like it would go completely to waste.

Supported Coral:
I am looking to be able to support SPS in the top half (maybe some acros down the line when I have more experience) and LPS in the bottom half. Maybe a derasa clam, RBTA, or rock flower anemone on the sand bed.

Features I need:
  • Under $600 but the cheaper the better haha
  • Good spread for a 24" cube. I think a center unit like an AI prime or Kessil will just create a bunch of shadow since the rock will go pretty high up
  • Customizable color spectrum
  • Good color blending
  • Timer
  • Ability to hang light from ceiling
Features I'd like:
  • Some kind of wireless control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even a remote
  • Dawn to dusk settings
A few lights I have looked at:
Please let me know if there are better lights for what I am looking to do and the best positioning for them!

-Thanks again

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