Reef Central dicount?


I cannot see anything when I click on the specials.

I am looking to make a large-ish purchase, and I am certain that we get a discount as RC members.

Can Anyone help?

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Oh man!

Oh man!

I wish I would have known about an RC member discount about 24 hours ago! I just made a rather large purchase myself :eek:
I did the same thing...large purchase and didn't realize there should have been a discount. Bummer.
How about retroactive discounts?? ;)
Well I went ahead and placed a small order through MD. If I miss out on the discount, oh well, it was a just a small order anyway. But I may need some lighting equipment in the future and would love to know of a discount code.

this is BS! I just spent around a grand TODAY. I put RC in the code got no discount. Asked still no discount and now I read this. I feel like returning my order I am so upset. What kind of discount are people getting?
No idea. You should look at Custom Aquatics...prices are about the same but they give a 5% discount to RC members and their discount code can be found in their forum.

Well I just got a reply email from Marine Depot and they stated they are currently not offering any discounts for RC members.

Hi Folks,

At this time, we do not have any special discounts for RC members. We did a short promotion a few years ago (when the thread was started) but it is no longer valid. For future sales and discounts, please sign up for our newsletter.

Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

Ben R.
Marine Depot Customer Service