Reef Safe Dwarf Angels?


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at one time or another I have kept most of them and I have yet to find one that does not pick at the corals...


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I am no expert and have little experience.. but everything I've read and heard says that the Flame and Coral Beauty (and others) are cautionary with reefs - its sort of a matter of luck. My flame angel didn't live long enough to know. I keep my coral beauty in my FOWLR tank.


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That is just a risk you have to take. Keep in mind some are safer than others, like the coral beauty but many just are riskier like the lemonpeel angel. I had a flame in my reef and a coral beauty and they were fine, they nipped on the rare occasion but never did any real harm.


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Risky as others have saidm I have kept flamebacks before only to have to remove one because it wiped out an entire zoo colony (one of my favs), the other one was a model citizen.


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No gaurantees for sure, but C. argi & its relatives are considerd the safest. Also, Fisher's & whit-tails. Small size also reduces the damage potential.



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I've kept C. Argis before and both times they never went after my corals. I did, however, feed them often and had lots of algae for them to graze on.