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I wrote you yesterday, and I got my order from you with 30 baja red legs and a serpent star, and it came great. As soon as I put them in they went to work, except the serpent of course, he went and hid in the rocks.(lol) My question now is, I need a reflector for my lights, 4 48" VHO's, and I was wondering if you offered any type of reflectors for this. Also, I was wondering what type of critters you would recommend for sand sifting, and how many in a 75 gallon. Right now I have 2 serpent stars, and that is really it for sand sifting. Thank you so much, and thank you for the great delivery and customer service. You are the online store I will now be doing all my business with.

Hi Tiff,

The only reflector we have that would work for VHO is a flat 24" x 24" polished aluminum reflector, could put two together, or cut it in half, then would have 12x48 out of one.

On the sand cleaning, i think the nass. snails work great, they'll dig through the sand and keep it mixed and clean. For the top, the conchs work well, flighting and/or queen conch. The hermits you just got will help on top of the sand as well.

Sand cucumbers usually clean the top very well, hit or miss with those though, some work great and some are lazy and just sit around.