Reincarnate 40g -bigger and badder


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Ok.. this is my old 40g that I took down to put up a 90g. As you can see in the pic. The new set up is at a friends house. The biggie is that it's againts a divider wall so we are going to put all equipment on the other side.

The old system used 2x 96w pc's. the canopy was only 6" tall. Lighting choice for the new is MH. I had to raise the hood 4" to make a total of 10". 2x4" dc fans were used to keep things cool underneath.

EQ list
40g main 24g sump
2x 175w hami 14k on E-Ballast
cs 80 euro skimmer
eheim 1260 return- sqwd
Current USA 1/10 hp chiller
2x maxi 900 with hydors

With the current setup I'm looking at around 200-300gph return. So far so good with no mricro bubbles. Right now I'm cooking about 80lbs of rock . Only 40 will stay with the other 40lbs going to my 90g. We have about 30lbs setup in a 24g that will be taken down for this build.

As for the sump closet. This was originally a plain cabinet system. slash wet bar. No real drain, just piped to out side the house. There is already a water line going through this cabinet because the room was an addition. So we put in a dedicated 20amp line. plumbed the water for a ro/di output and greenboarded the whole interior. A 6" hole was placed in the wall for the piping and eletrical.
2 large vents were made at the top of each door with a ice cap 4" fan to circulate the air. I hope this enough flow with the chiller being in there. The temps here are very coastal and interior temps at the highest will hit 80 with out a/c. durring summer. Once I have it setup and running I'll determine if it need another vent/ fan.

well here are the pics.


this is the 40g setup at my place before the tear down. notice the canopy. running 2x96w pc. 1 10k and 1 artinic


tearing out the old cabinet system.

20 amp dedicated line with gfi

hole from tank side with return and darin. 1" drain, 3/4" return

2x 175w on spiders. 2xdc fans 1 in 1 out rated at 76cfm each.


moon light is a led strip. I cut a clear lid for the overflow to keep sound and salt spray down.

finised sump cabinet. It's completly enclosed in green board and primered to water proof. the piping is primered too. There is a full sheet of green board under the drawers also. The shelf above the skimmer is cut at the back for air flow. This shelf will hold the 5g resevoir. I'm keeping it on a eletric pump/ float switch and timmer for saftey.

return going through chiller. I know the 90's. The eheim 1260 is rated at 650gph. so with all the lines and 90's it slowed the flow through the sump just perfect. The white piping in the back is the water line for the ro/di.

return line with flex tubing into a sock. the Euro Reef cs 80 is rocking with the 80lbs of cooking rock.

exterior shot of the cabinet. refaced with new doors and wood.
We took out the sink because the drain was just to the outside grass. I figure the ro/di run off would be fine though.


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Tank shot with both 175w 14k hami's on. Here you can see the 4" riser setup I did to raise the canopy. The stain was as close as I could get it. I also re-sealed the canopy.

open shot of tank against the wall.

the rocks are sitting on 2 sheets of egg crate. one for base and other slighty smaller for the rocks to sit on. In between is 3/4' pvc. This should give a stable platform for the rocks once the sand goes in. There are to gobys coming in from the 24g and we all know how they love to dig.

So what do you guys think. Sugestions for improvements would be great.