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I have decided to go this route (Monaco) because I have had the most success with this method. I have had just a live sand bed with satisfactory results, but with major algae growth. I had to do water changes on the sand bed only approach to counteract the nitrate buildup. Man, I hate doing water changes, it just sucks! So I switched back to the Monaco-style. If I just keep a minimum of fishes and not max out the bioload, I can get away with skipping a few water changes in my 60 reef! I have 4 little blue chromis, 1 six-liner, and 5 different types of shrimp! I have just bought a small octopus today! I never had one so i said "What the hell!" I hand fed it like an hour ago too! Pretty cool. huh?! If I just keep it fed, it wont bother my other critters! I dunno, we will see what happens!

I currently do not have clams because I have 2 peppermint shrimps, but that can all change with that 8-legged freak! I think octopus like clams too, though, so I probably wont get any. I also own a great cup coral, frogspawn, toadstool, flat lettuce (or cabbage?) coral, abalone, purple mushrooms,and an open brain! More to come!

Take care!
Holy crap, you put an Octopus in a reef tank? He will eat your clams, fish, etc. If not because he is hungry, he will hunt them for fun, or out of boredom. Take it out ASAP!!!!! :eek:

Please tell me it's not a blue ring octo!
I agree with Peabody. You need to take that octopus back. I am guessing it is a O. Bimac? They need a species specific tank with specialized care. They do not do well in reefs for a number of reasons including the lighting. They do not like bright lights! They need an escape proof tank as well.

Please do the responsible thing and take it back.
Hey guys!

Yeah, thanks for the advice! I am not sure what species he is but is definately not a blue-ring. I did ask a lot of questions about this creature. He is interesting though. I told the shop about what type of setup I have and so far I had no major problems with him. They said that I really should not have any, as long as I feed him regularly, which I have. However, I am thinking about returning it because I cannot really trust him. I know they have a high level of intellegience and I can train him (I hand feed him!) He hides alot because he is new to my tank.

I still have all my animals (except for 1 damsel). He eats twice a day and he seems cool with it(The shop fed him twice a day also).

I forgot what species it is; I am going back to the shop to find out and I'll let you guyz know! If it is the species that you are mentioning, I am returning it!