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A month or so ago, my Fluval 15 sprung a small leak. We noticed it fairly soon, and got all the rock and critters moved into pails before more than half of the water escaped.

Luckily the pet store had a similar tank in stock so I picked that up, mixed up some RO Water and put everything back in similar to what it was before.

My Anenomes (well one that had split a year or so ago) were magnificent in the old tank, spreading out pretty huge and having been in the same spots about 2/3 of the way up for over a year. But, they have not remotely approached their former glory in this one and the lower one has moved into the shade. I didn't adjust the light and think it is about the same height as the tanks are roughly the same.

The brown coral is doing very well, and has spawned new incarnations in several spots. I worry it may be conducting some kind of war against the Anenomes. I am using an AI Prime that has been on the same schedule for years. The settings are attached. No appreciable nitrates etc.

Kind of worried about the lower shrivelled ananome and what to do about it.


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How much water did you replace with the move from old tank to bucket to new tank?
Have you done any testing and done water changes. Moving stuff from one tank to the other releases all the old goo hidden in the old tank, in the gravel an under/between the rocks. It can make your nitrates sky high.

How long was stuff in pails. You might need to do a light acclimation. Turn it down 10% and then slowly increase it every 4-5 days back up.

Several things can make animals unhappy.
Maybe 3 hours in the pails. Saved about 4 gallons with the critters replaced the rest with new. Readings of anything critical (nitrates, nitrites, etc.) are near zero. Everything else in the tanks is fine and it's been about a month. My sand was always turned regular by the shrimp and goby and they are fine. Everything looks A-1 except the Anenomes. The guy up top seems to be doing better and the one down low is in the shade under the brown coral. I'm not even sure what it is other than that it is a weed that grows like crazy. I want to prune it but am scared to.
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I’ll add my thoughts. I’d turn down the light some as even though it’s the same light, you are still likely hitting different par numbers (could be higher or lower) and may be shocking the anemones.

The brown weed is a Kenya Tree Coral. It grows and spreads like wildfire typically by dropping various small branches. All you need to do is take a sharp razor blade or snips and prune to your hearts content. My experience it will survive until you purposely try to kill it (I.e. covering with glue, epoxy, etc).

As for warfare. While softies can release coral toxins, I haven’t heard too much about warfare between anemones and softies other than anemones typically winning when they walk/move.

I’m honestly not sure the super shriveled will make it but anything is possible unless it disintegrates