restarting 6100


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My 6100 alarm went off recently, so I cleaned the unit according to the instructions in "Why is the alarm going off- how to clean a Stream." It looks like I cleaned all the calcium that had accumulated, but when I plugged in the unit, it did not start again. The yellow light on the multicontroller is not lit up for the channel. Do I need to do anything besides plug in the unit to start it after the alarm sounds? Thanks.
That should be it, but it can happen that the electonics get overloaded and burn up if the pump was jammed for a considerable amount of time or running partially obstructed before sounding the alarm. It may need to come in.
The problem is apparently in the transformer--I plugged the transformer from the unit I sent you into my other stream pump and the pump no longer worked. Can you return the pump you have with a new transformer and let me know how much I owe you? Thanks.