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Hi! This is one of those checking my thinking posts. I have been out of the hobby since 2007 and not sure I remember everything from then and for sure don't know if I am up to date on all the changes. Below Is my plan for a new tank I plan on using to get back in to the hobby and some of the equipment I am thinking of. I have a handicap that limits my mobility to a power chair as well as restricts the use of my hands a good deal so going with something simpler and smaller so my daughter can help me with it. I expect the tank to have a couple of fish but mostly coral and a good invert cleaning crew. Thanks in advance for any time or help you can offer.

Red Sea Max E 170 45 gallon AIO includes skimmer, lighting, system pump, Power center

Finnex HMH 150 Watt heater

45 lbs Live Rock - I am not seeing a lot of LR used, has something changed here?

Live Sand 40 lbs

Alternating flow powerhead Tunze 6055?


Salt mix (Whats good anymore? I used to use one that came in a white milk jug style container)

Glass scraper

What else?


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While I can’t comment on the Red Sea max as I have no experience in that department, I can comment on some of you’re other items/questions...I think the heater should be fine, maybe consider having a back up just for redundancy purposes. I’ve noticed the same recently (just getting back in myself) with live rock. Seems there’s no more “real” live rock. It’s all cultured rock that I can find. If you can find real, it’ll be someone getting out of the hobby after many years.

Can’t comment on the tunze, never used them. I’m still using instant ocean but I’m sure you’ll get a lot of comments on what is someone’s favorite salt. For an initial set up, I think you’ll be good to go, others may reccomend some additional stuff I’m sure I’m missing but just my 2 cents