Ro/di questions


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Just wondering if I am supposed to leave the remaining water in the unit between times I use it? I will probably use once a week for about 20 gallons. Should I just run a few gallons to rinse it out? Also is it safe to be drinking the Ro water? It is a spectrapure illiminator 100gpd rodi.
leave the water in, im not sure how you would get it out unless you blew pressurized air through it or took it apart. its safe to drink I would not drink after the DI though it wont taste very good
I leave the water in mine and flush it out for 10-15 minutes each time I fire it up (usually weekly) check the instructions for details as I'm pretty sure it varies with each brand. It should say to flush the system before first use.

I have a valve that I open all the way to bypass the DI resin.

I drink RO/DI water and I like it. I fill a 5 gallon bottle and use it for coffee, tea and drinking water. Tastes great and sure beats that gross municipal water, blah
Oh yeah, very safe to drink as it removes almost all impurities in the water.

You would be surprised what the standards for tap water are. There is a maximum amount of fecal matter the city will allow, and it's not zero.:rolleye1:
Maximum Fecal matter or E coli allowed is 0. Total coliforms can be present in less than 5% of the total samples for larger systems and in 1 sample for systems collecting less than 40 monthly samples but must be reported. Total coliform positive samples must be analyzed for fecals or E coli and if they are present the water system has an acute violation which must be reported to the public.

Leave the water in the housings and keep the unit protected from direct sunlght, bright indirect lighting and excessive heat or cold. If you are making water once a week you will be fine. If its less often waste the first bit of water before using it.