RO/DI Unit? Recommend me one?


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Hi all,

I have a 9 gal nano cube, and I am looking into RO. Since I can't seem to find any already made in stores, a unit might be the ticket. I only find distilled and I hear that's not good to use (until recently, I was using distilled and finding my phosphates are a bit high)

Can someone recommend me a decent brand that's not too expensive and easy to manage? One that's not too large, and would be good for about 5 gals a water change?

Or is there something else I can use to 'fix' my water? or a type of water that I can purchase?


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Buckeye Field supply is a great unit, with top notch service. I have had my BFS 161 for years with great results


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I have a Dr. G's tigershark and it's great. But a little pricey. I know a ton of people who love their BRS unit.

Buckeye Hydro

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Creative - You want to use any RO system at least once per week - with the minimal demand you have because of the small tank size, think about getting a unit also set up to provide drinking water (RO water) to a faucet. Also think about getting a slower membrane (e.g., 24 or 36 gpd) so that your RO system stays on for a longer period of time and the effects of TDS creep are minimized. There are other ways to work around this too.



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I got the 4 stage spectrapure build quality beats any other ive seen and cheaper than most. Havent seen a BRS one since im in canada