RO/DI unit


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I'm about to purchase a new RODI unit and I wanted to know peoples' opinions. I am considering the SpectraPure Maxpure 40 GPD RO/DI System or Bulk reef supply's economy 4 stage RO/DI unit. I'm fairly new to purchasing a unit, I've always got water from my store. So I'm going to invest in one. Is there anything I would need to purchase along with these units? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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Make sure you pay the extra on this one... i tried to get off a little cheaper on mine and am paying for it now, weekly trips to the store for more water lol.

But great investment, especially if you drink a lot of water yourself


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I am using a Premium Reef 50GPD RO/DI and love it. I am on a well and it makes a huge difference. No more going to my LFS to get water. I have a whole house filter feeding the RO/DI and my water is crystal clear. I have 2 32 gal cans with a power head and heater to mix and heat the water.


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I purchased the Ocean Reef + 1 Five Stage 75GPD Unit for $199 from the Filter Guys,they are a sponsor here.Give them a call they will take care of you,excellent customer service and a quality product.