ROX Carbon?

Joel A

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I've seen some SPS enthusiasts say that this carbon is to "harsh" for SPS dominated tanks because it simply strips the water column of things to quickly.

Do you guys believe there is any truth to this? Does any use ROX carbon? Have you seen any positive or negative effects? I wasn't going to use it because it's not recommended with zeovit, but since i'm taking a break from zeo i'm considering using it and seeing if i like it... just wanted to test the waters on this forum full of experienced keepers and see what everyone had to say.



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I have used the BRS Rox Carbon for the past 5 months or so. I was using the larger pellets before. My water is always crystal clear and I have not noticed any harmful effects while using. My only issue is the tiny size of this carbon. It will make a mess in any reactor as there are not many sponges / filter media that keep it out totally. Other than that, no issues. I use about 1 cup in a BRS reactor and change it out religiously every 2 weeks.


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I change passive seachem matrix carbon biweekly in my 90 and 175 both are sps dominated:




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There's a good thread in the chemistry forum that talks about this being one of the best carbons, as far as performance goes. There are several folks who use carbon successfully.

In my humble tank I use the regular lignite carbon from BRS. It keeps the water noticeably clearer. I also notice that my skimmer doesn't skim quite as well for the first few hours after changing it, probably because of the reduce organics. I really need to change it to run AFTER my skimmer.


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I agree that the tiny size is a pain. Not only for keeping it in the reactor but it becomes clogged easily. From most the stuff I have read though is is one of the best carbons for us out there. I don't really see haow it can work TOO fast. Just use less. I decided to use less and change more frequently. Just to keep it from clogging so fast. BRS said it can go a month, but after two weeks of the recommended amount I don't have anymore flow through it.


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I have been using ROX carbon for about half a year now and have not noticed any negative effects. +1 on the mess though

I just purchased 3lbs of their lignite carbon since it's so much cheaper. I'll see how this does