Rubbermaids as sumps

Sorry, can't help with pic's, but I have a friend who uses a "Rubbermaid" as a sump. He run's{2} overflow's from display into a {3g.?} bucket (placed inside "rubbermaid" which houses skimmer) that then overflow's into large "rubermaid" which houses L.R. and a return pump/heater/etc. Hope this is helpful.

Just be sure you get the right type of rubbermaid tub. Get one that says food grade on the bottom (I believe the gray, white and yellow colored). Don't use the roughneck containers, get the brute containers. Cost me several sps to find this out!
I am also considering just using a large rubbermaid as a sump. I am considering just putting a filter sock on one end, my skimmer in the middle and some rubble in between the skimmer and my return pump. What does anyone think about that? Oh, and I also will be running ozone.