sad story


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so i get back from being gone on internships for 6 months, excited to see my beloved nanoreef only to find that the "friend" that said he would love to kil..ummm errr take care of it managed to kill everything in the tank, yes EVEN THE LIVE ROCK and sand!! so sad to see it go!! I had even managed to keep and maintain a maxima clam in it as well!! How can someone do that after getting cash to care for it and hands on instruction as well as written instruction too?!?! Thoughts from you all on what I should do with things? I would love to start up again but think I will be moving soon in another 6 months. This is just a heartbreaker!!


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sorry to hear about your tank. i can imagine how devastating it is. i hope you rebuild....


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Hold on to your equipment so you can rebuild later. Bury your "friend" in an unmarked grave after getting your money back and a lengthy round of painful torture.


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sorry to hear about your loss!!
some people (hmmm maybe a lot of people) just don't get it!the zealous care and enthusiasm we put into keeping reefs....
i agree though.clean and put your equip into storage until you are ready to rebuild!
oh and try to get your money back !


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Seriously, get your money back...and in the future, pay the person watching your tank when you get back with an everything isn't dead clause.

Sorry to hear about the loss, but like everybody said, hang on to the equipment, and restart when your more settled.


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sorry to hear that. What a bummer. I had a similar thing happen but not as bad, i was away for 2 weeks though. Get your $$$ back from you "friend".


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wow, I see heads rolling when I think of I would do if this happened to me...


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were you not given updates of the condition of your tanks during the 6 months?


It sucks about your tank. I had the exact same thing happen to me. Although, I was not away from the tank for 6 months... that is a very long time, especially in the life of a nano-reef, a lot can happen.

Did this friend of yours have previous experience with keeping coral?


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baseball bat + car = payback :) sorry to hear about your tank definatly keep the equipment and try to get some money back! ( I doubt even if it was a really close friend if they give all that you invested in it back) but try to get someting in return.

hope it all works out.


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I don't even trust myself feeding my fish. I try to avoid being in or around my tank, it's scary. Seriously, there's some voodoo stuff going on around here or maybe my neighbor is practicing witchcraft.

I hope your getting your money back or you should start practicing voodoo.


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deffinatly get your money back thats rediculous sorry to hear about that as for equipment keep it, start it up again someday.


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6 months is a long time to ask anyone to babysit a tank. I suspect you paid him substantially less than a professional maint co would have charged. Not that either of them can maintain a nano stopping by/checking it once or twice a week. Sorry but IMHO your tank was doomed to fail the day you left.