Salt mix


Shai Dorsai!
Dr. Ron;

Thanks for the very thought provoking series of articles.

The results could be caused by the fact that you used one sample source of each mix type. The concentrations of each element will vary from box to box and batch to batch (perhaps even between the top of the box and the bottom...?) no matter who made the mix.

Before I toss my big bucket of salt mix and move closer to NSW, I'd like to see the experiment replicated.

Well, Andy,

There surely could be variations, but the manufacturers tout their consistency and the Atkinson-Bingman study showed little variation across each mix. I will bet good money that any further testing would have similar results.

Nonetheless, I too, would like to see the test replicated, but as it cost me about $1000 in materials, supplies and time, I will bet you dollars to donuts that it won't be done soon (or until somebody reformulates their salt mix and wants to show how good it is).

That is one of the things I found strange in the Atkinson-
Bingman study. I would have imagined much greater variation in the results. It almost appeared that all the artificial seawater companies used the same brand and lots #'s of sodium chloride, etc. in their mixes.
Hi Tom,

It may simply indicate that many of the salts are manufactured by one source and simply packaged differently. Perhaps with small amounts of "flavorings" changed to suit the customer.