Saltwater turtles and stuff


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Hello everyone,
I was just wondering, and this may be a stupid question, but how come you can't get saltwater turtles or other 'non fish' type animals for your tank? I mean the FW ones are making a real come back and all...
well im not really sure.. but im sure they need allllooootttt more room than any home owners aquarium can hold them in.. and they are probably really delicate animals to care for.
Think about just how big these guys actually get! I saw some in mexico, your tank would have to be SOOO many times larger than the standard inground swimming pool. They just won't fit in the tanks that we keep.
yeah I suppose that that is true. I just think it would be neat to have some is all. . . I'm just jealous of my fiances sister who has three little red eared snappers at home... Come to think of it, they have some in the big aquarium in West Edmonton mall.
This is one huge reason sea turtles are not sold in the trade. People aren't even aware of what they eat, jellyfish. Yes, space is an issue as well, plus maintaining water quality, turtles are very messy animals. If you really want a sea turtle that badly, I'd suggest looking into Fly River turtles, they'll set you back $300-$500 each, but they're like fresh water sea turtles.
Sea turtles are very protected by laws with heavy penalties for any one capturing one or disturbing a nest. Same with Manatees, Walrus, Seals and Whales. Maybe a Dolphin would be more to your liking? Check out ebay!!! :)

No question is a stupid question. We all have to learn from some one. Dont mind my having some fun with you.

There are many places to buy Sharks, Manta Rays and Barracuda though most would advise against it and recommend a 300 gal minimum tank. You can buy very big fish. I dont think there are any marine mamals you can buy at all. How about a marine reptile? You can probably find a Saltwater Crocodile for sale but they might be protected too. Oh well...
I have worked with the sea turtles for about a year at one of our state aquariums. They are very easy to care for and easy to keep clean. We fed them shrimp breaded in dried blue/green algae. You have to hand feed them and they are not very smart. They will swim to the surface and open their mouth. You just drop the shrimp in and hope they close their mouth in time. This is where the animals lack intelligence. Half the time the animals will take so long to realize the shrimp is in their mouth that it will float out and sink. This present a danger to the person feeding them. They will not go get the food, you have to retrieve it. They have very sharp beaks and a lot of bite pressure. If your finger gets near their mouth, it could be gone. They are cute little animals and take a while to grow. However, federal law protects them from the average person. I am not sure what the fine is for harrassing, injuring or killing a sea turtle, but it use to be $10,000 per turtle. A single turtle nest holds thousands of eggs, each egg is considered under law as one turtle. Therefore, going near a turtle nest is very costly.
I had a small baby one in my tank when I first started, I saved him from a local fisherman, I fed him Jelly Fish for about a month, he ate very well during that time and then I released him back out to sea. These guys really are not too bright and get stuck in just about every area that is of danger. I saved him on about 3 occasions when he got stuck in the rock work. People forget that if this happens and your not right there at the time they drown. They are probably the worst animals to even consider putting in a tank.
There are reasons why there aren't certain animals for sale in the market. The chambered Nautilus is another prime example, cool looking, but get screwed in a tank enviroment.
The Galapagos Marine Iguana's cool, but I think I'd have to feed it nori daily. Plus they blow salt out of their system in the form of snot...ewwww. But again, another protected species.
It's always neat to want to keep certain animals, but keep it in perspective, would you like to be abducted by aliens only to be kept as a pet?? :lol: